About Us

GBTIMES Georgia is a product of the consulting and content production company MS GROUP. It is a platform that offers unique services. We specialize in transferring ideas into reality.

Since 2013, GBTIMES Georgia has authored numerous successful ideas, marketing campaigns, media projects, events and web platforms.

Our partnership with the GBTIMES international media holding company provides the company with a unique opportunity to compete on both local and international markets.

Our modern, high-tech equipment guarantees GBTIMES Georgia’s high-quality services.

Our group of professionals is responsible for providing companies with effective and operational services.

GBTIMES Georgia’s unique services will save you time and money, by offering you everything you need to make your idea unforgettable and profitable.

   Sound Recording Studio

Our professional recording studio makes it possible to create high-quality audio content. Its ideal acoustic conditions are perfect for recording songs, advertisements, answering machine messages, videos, as well as for radio stream packing and shows.

   Video Studio

The latest technical equipment, portable lighting system and backgrounds enable us to shoot the highest quality video content right in our own studio. We shoot music videos, commercial videos, events or any kind of holiday or occasion.

   Live Studio

Our goal was to create a multi-functional studio capable of creating products with high-quality sound, and special visuals. Our live studio has two main directions – one targets the talk-show format and the other targets live musical performances. Both spheres utilize our professional lighting system that we use to create high-quality photo and video recording.

   Photo Stidio

We have all the latest image technology on par with international standards, and our portable lighting system and multi-color backgrounds enable us to produce only the highest quality photo content. We offer a professional studio and photography, as well as the creation of portfolios and professional treatment.